FAST Kornik SIL a thin-layer silicone plastering mix 15kg

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Product code: Kornik (silikon) 15kg


Thin layer silicone plastering mix







FAST KORNIK SIL is used for manual application of fine, thin-layer plastering, both inside and outside the building. It can be used on any mineral surface that is strong and even enough (cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, concrete, sandstone) and covered with well adherent paint coatings.



FAST KORNIK SIL is a ready to use product based on dispersion of silicone and acrylic-styrene resins with the addition of siloxane emulsion. It forms a coating strongly bonded to the surface, characterized by high vapour-permeability. Thanks to surface hydrophobising FAST KORNIK SIL has significantly reduced wettability limiting water penetration with substances dissolved in it. The plaster is characterized by high resistance to dirt and the development of microorganisms such as algae and fungi. Particularly recommended in building insulation systems with the use of mineral wool. Supplied in a wide range of colours according to FAST COLOR SYSTEM. It contains agents eliminating algae and fungal growth on the plaster surface.



15 kg bucket






Surface preparation


The surface should be even, strong and dry, free from all kinds of impurities that reduce the adhesion of the mortar, i.e. dust, lime, grease, remains of old paint coats. FAST GRUNT G should always be primed in order to increase plaster adhesion, regardless of the type of surface. FAST GRUNT M should be primed in order to reduce the absorbency of the surface. It is recommended to use a primer in the shade of the selected colour FAST KORNIK SIL.


The plaster mass can be applied to following surfaces:


    cement and cement-lime plasters (after a minimum of 14 days from the application and humidity not higher than 4%) primed FAST GRUNT M

    concrete (more than 3 months after application and humidity not more than 4%) primed FAST GRUNT M

    gypsum substrates (humidity < 1%) primed FAST GRUNT G and FAST GRUNT M

    layer in the insulation system reinforced with mesh, made on FAST SPECJAL mortar and primed FAST GRUNT M above 3 days




Preparation and use


Before applying the plaster, mix the contents of each package with a slow-running drill in order to level the consistency. In the case of too dry mass it is permissible to add 100 to 150 g of water. Apply a thin layer of plaster mass to the previously prepared and primed surface, using a stainless steel float to the thickness of the grain. After a short time, depending on the conditions occurring at the time of application, it can be shaped with a plastic float. The plaster can be rubbed in all directions. While applying the plaster, we follow the general rule by applying "wet on wet".


Tools and containers should be clean. During plaster application and drying, observe appropriate atmospheric conditions, i.e. the temperature of the surface and environment from +5°C to +25°C, lack of strong sunlight, rain and too high relative air humidity above 75%. The plaster drying time at an optimal temperature of +20°C is 12 to 48 hours.






Technical data

Base unit: kg

Base: aqueous dispersion of silicone and styrene-acrylic resins with the addition of siloxane emulsion, mineral fillers and pigments.

Open time: approx. 20 minutes

Drying time: 12 to 48 hours

Substrate and ambient temperature: from +5 to +25 degrees Celsius.

Resistance to temperatures: from -20 to +60°C.

VOC content: less than 30 g/l

Water absorption w24: ≥ 0,1 ≤ 0,5 kg/m2

Volume density: approximately 1,8 kg/dm3

Adhesion to concrete: min. 0,8 MPa

Water vapour permeability: μ [V2]



Storage and comments


Store in factory sealed containers in dry conditions at temperatures from +5°C up to +25°C.


Additional comments:


        Confirm that the colour corresponds to the order before application. Complaints concerning colour will not be considered after the product has been applied.


        In order to avoid differences in shades on one architectural surface, work should be carried out without interruptions, using plaster packaging, previously mixed with each other in a large castr.


        Protect the plaster against unfourable weather conditions with scaffolding covers until it dries out completely.


The recommended and specified scope of application of the product or the method of application does not exempt the contractor from carrying out the work in accordance with the  construction works and health and safety rules.


P.W. FAST guarantees and is responsible for the quality of the product, but has no influence on the way it is used and the conditions under which it was used. All technical data were measured under normal conditions, i.e. +20°C and air humidity of 60%. In case of conditions other than the above, the drying time may change, i.e. it may be longer or shorter.


This card replaces all previous versions.


Avoid direct skin contact and protect the eyes when working. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Rinse contaminated skin immediately with plenty of water. Keep out of children.


This product complies with the European Technical Approval: ETA-14/0464 and ETA-14/0465 Certified according to ETA: 1020-CPR-020-032349 and ETA: 1020-CPR-020-032351 Current hygienic certificate. Component of ETICS FAST S and ETICS FAST W thermal insulation system.



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