FAST SPECJAL-W an adhesive mortar for bonding mineral wool panels and mesh sealing 25kg

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adhesive mortar for mineral wool slabs and mesh casting





FAST SPECJAL W mortar is used to join lamellas and mineral wool panels on mineral surfaces  and to make a reinforced layer when insulating buildings with ETICS FAST W and FASROCK G/ECOROCK G and FAST WG-S.


FAST SPECJAL W is a cement and polymer mortar, water and frost resistant, characterized by increased vapour permeability and resistance to mechanical loads. It is characterized by high flexibility and adhesion to virtually any type of building substrate. It is reinforced with fibres.


25 kg bag




Surface preparation

Fixing of mineral wool panels:

The surface should be strong and free from any type of dirt that reduces mortar adhesion (e.g. residues of old, loose adjacent paints, all kinds of lichen, dust and dirt). Larger unevenness or recesses should be levelled with plaster or levelling mortar. Dusty surfaces should be reinforced with FAST GRUNT G. Walls made of absorbent materials should be primed with FAST GRUNT U.

Reinforced layer performing

Before proceeding with the reinforced layer, remember to carefully sand off any irregularities in the surface of the fixed panels with a special grater or abrasive paper and then clean them of loose particles and dust.




Preparation and use

Add the contents of the package to about 6.5 liters of water and mix thoroughly with a slow-speed drill until equal mass is obtained. Leave for about 10 minutes and stir again before use (do not add water). The mortar prepared in this way is suitable for use for a period of 2.5 to 3 hours. During the works it is necessary to mix the mortar regularly every 30 minutes.

Fixing mineral wool panels:

Before applying adhesive mortar, remember to clean the surfaces of the glued panels from dust and loose particles.

and their initial filling with a smooth float.

edge. Then we can apply the right layer of glue in two ways.

In case of insulating even, plastered surfaces, the adhesive mass can be applied to the panels in a thin layer using a toothed trowel with square teeth 8 -10 mm.

In the case of unplastered wall, mortar should be applied to mineral wool panels using the "circumferential - point" method, i.e. using a trowel around the perimeter of the panel with a band of about 3-4 cm in width and additionally 3-8 pieces. The size of them should depend on

their quantities. The rule of thumb is that the adhesive mortar should cover not less than 40% of the board surface.

Correctly made edges should be sufficiently far from the edge so that after pressing the board, the glue does not go beyond its outline.

In case of panels arranged in correct order, glue should always be applied thinly.

Mineral wool panels should be glued tightly one next to the other, starting from the skirting board up to the roof, with a passing arrangement of vertical joints.

 If it is necessary to apply additional protection of the system with the use of mechanical fasteners, their installation may start not earlier than after 3 days from gluing the panels.

The exact number, type and method of arrangement should always be provided by the insulation project.

Application of reinforced layer:

In order to increase adhesion to the reinforced layer, one should previously prepared surface of mineral wool panels pre-fill with a thin layer of adhesive mortar. Next, we apply the proper adhesive layer about 3 mm thick and spread it with a toothed float of 10-12 mm tooth size. In the middle of the prepared layer press the glass fibre mesh until it is completely submerged. Properly sunken mesh should not be visible and at the same time it should be in contact with mineral wool panels. The correct thickness of the reinforced layer should be from 3-5 mm.

During the works it is necessary to observe appropriate atmospheric conditions, i.e. to avoid high temperatures and sunshine, rainfall and high air humidity.

It is not allowed to add a thin layer of glue about 1 mm thick to the dried reinforced layer due to its poor adhesion (too fast evaporation of water from the added layer may result in its weakening and eventually decoupling from the surface).


Technical data

Base unit: kg

Base: mineral cement mix with the addition of polymers

Mixture ratio: approx. 6.5 l of water per 25 kg of dry matter

Density of mortar after mixing with water: approx. 1.6 kg/dm3

Open time: approx. 25 min.

Standby time: up to 3 hours

Adhesion to ordinary wool: min. 0,08 (violation in thermal insulation material) MPa

Adhesion to lamellar wool: min. 0,08 (violation in thermal insulation material) MPa




Storage and comments

Store the product in factory sealed packaging, in dry rooms, on pallets. Shelf life is 12 months.

The recommended and stated in the card scope of application of the product or the method of execution does not relieve the contractor from carrying out work in accordance with the art of construction and health and safety rules. P.W. FAST guarantees and is responsible for the quality of the product, but has no influence on the way it is used and the conditions under which it was used. All technical data were measured under normal conditions, i.e. +20°C and air humidity of 60%. In case of other conditions the drying time may change, i.e. it may be longer or shorter.

This paper replaces all previous versions.

The product contains cement after mixing with water it gives an alkaline reaction. Avoid direct contact with skin, do not breathe and protect eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep out of children.

This product complies with the European Technical Approval: ETA-14/0465 Certified according to ETA: 1020-CPR-020-032351.

Product compliant with Technical Approval ITB: AT-15-9146/2013 + Annex 1 and AT-15-9715/2016.

It has a valid hygienic certificate. Component of ETICS FAST W , FASTWG-S and ECOROCK G/FASROCK G thermal insulation system.


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